04 mayo 2006

El 4 de mayo al Consulado de México en San Diego

Dos manifestaciones se llevarán a cabo el día de hoy jueves 4 de mayo en el consulado de México en el centro de San Diego, una a las 8:00 AM y la otra a las 3:00PM en el marco de movilizaciones en apoyo al Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra
para exigir el retiro total de la fuerza pública que invade sus tierras y liberación inmediata de los detenidos
¡Justicia para los caídos en Atenco!

National and International Mobilization is being called by the EZLN to protest the attack on comrads, adherents to the Sixth Declaration, in a neighborhood where Delegate Zero is currently staying in Mexico City. Many have been arrested and the workers are currently resisting the evil government forces. Tomorrow 05/04/06 there will be two manifestations in San Diego, both on the Mexican Counselate in downtown, an immediate one set for 8a.m. and another set for 3p.m. Any and all who are able to attend are asked to support the on going repression occuring at this very moment.

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